This is the World's Best Smell Proof Bag to Secure Your Stash

This is the World's Best Smell Proof Bag to Secure Your Stash!


If you haven't heard of them before, smell proof bags are the essential, must-have item for cannabis and weed users to conceal their stash. In this post we'll look at what they are, why you need one, and how Sindicase have revolutionized the smell proof bag market.



What is a smell proof bag?


These genius odour proof travel pouches, containers, cases and bags absorb the strong smell of your marijuana stash, locking in the sent so that it is undetectable by anyone, or anything (like dogs, for example). It is also the safest way to protect children and pets from getting hold of your weed.



Why do I need a smell proof bag?


There are many great reasons to protect your stash in a high-quality smell proof bag or container. Here are just some of those reasons:


Absorbs the pungent smell with carbon technology - We all know that weed has a really strong smell that can be detected, not only by dogs, but also by other people. A bag that has activated carbon lining will absorb those odors so your cannabis is concealed.


Allows you to travel with your stash discreetly - Because of the smell proof technology and secure locking system, you are able to transport your stash safely, keeping it secure and concealed.


Keeps your weed safe from children and pets - You don't want your weed to get into the hands of little ones or inquisitive pets because this could be very dangerous for them. By keeping your stash in a smell proof and lockable case you can carry with you, you can stop this from happening.


Keeps it fresh - When your marijuana is exposed to the air it can quickly depreciate in quality, so locking it in an airtight smell proof bag helps keep it super fresh.


Gives you privacy and peace of mind - Whether you mind if people know you're a cannabis user or not, having the ability to keep your stash secure, and concealed provides you with ultimate peace of mind.


You can use it to keep anything hidden and safe - It's not only weed that you can keep safely in these genius little pouches. You can also keep cash, medication or valuables secured inside.


Sinidicase have revolutionized the space...


Most smell proof bags you can get are on the cheap and ugly side of things, but Sindicase have created a designer range of lockable smell proof travel pouches that allow you to secure your stash in style.


Crafted in superior quality vegan leather, secured with a military grade TSA approved lock and including odor neutralizing carbon lining technology, Sindicase have created the world's most luxurious and effective smell proof travel bag. All for an extremely affordable price!


Here are the key features of the designer Sindicase smell proof bag:


  • Crafted in eco-friendly vegan leather
  • TSA approved combination lock
  • Activated carbon lining technology
  • Water resistant
  • Internal pocket
  • Hand strap
  • Flared bottom design
  • Come in a range of stylish colors
  • Size: 7" x 10" x 1.5"



And unlike any other smell proof bag brand on the market, Sindicase have made these pouches look more like high-end designer purses and wallets, instead of the usual stoner baggies that make it obvious what's inside!


So, if you're a cannabis, weed or marijuana user that wants ultimate privacy and peace of mind, invest in a Sindicase smell proof bag and keep your stash safe in style.